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Why did the government take so long to back down on this care home cruelty? | Nicci Gerrard

A legal challenge forced a U-turn on the guidance imprisoning the old and vulnerable

Yesterday, at the 11th hour, the government caved in. Knowing that proceedings were being issued against it this week by John’s Campaign (of which I am co-founder), it announced that people in care homes need no longer self-isolate for 14 days after a visit out. It’s a rare chink of light for those who live in residential homes and their families and a victory for charities and campaigning groups, including John’s Campaign.

But the question remains: why was this singularly nasty, cruel and bizarre piece of guidance ever issued in the first place? How was it deemed acceptable that a whole section of people should be imprisoned in the place called “home” and deprived of their liberty?

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