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Will vaccines protect from ‘long-haul Covid’? We need answers | Fiona Lowenstein

A recent study found that 30% of Covid patients surveyed still had persistent symptoms nine months later

Since the earliest days of the pandemic, members of disability and chronic illness communities have warned that Covid-19 could be a mass-disabling event. Yet media stories and policy decisions have continued to focus on hospitalizations and deaths, largely ignoring “long Covid” – the patient-preferred term for the long-term symptoms that some patients have experienced following what can begin as a mild Covid infection. Pharmaceutical companies, health agencies and governments are confident that vaccines can decrease hospitalization and death rates, eventually ending the pandemic. But few are discussing long Covid within the context of vaccines or the pandemic’s resolution. Those of us who have experienced the long-term symptoms of Covid-19 find ourselves erased from the narrative once again, and wondering: can the vaccine prevent long Covid, and to what extent?

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