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With Christmas cheer over, the PM now confronts a sullen and angry cabinet | Isabel Hardman

The prime minister is badly damaged after losing the loyalty and trust of his closest supporters

The space between Christmas and New Year is normally treated as pretty sacred in political circles. There are a few modest pre-prepared government and opposition announcements to keep journalists in business while everyone else switches off and remembers what their families look like. Not so this year. In the next few days, there will most likely be a cabinet meeting, albeit one on Zoom, to discuss whether England needs more restrictions to stop the spread of Omicron.

After nearly two years of Zoom meetings, everyone is well aware of how hard it is to read the mood of a group of people through a computer screen. Some of Boris Johnson’s problems with his party have stemmed from the lack of real contact between the prime minister and MPs. It hasn’t helped that the internet in Downing Street is about as reliable as Johnson’s commitment to being straight with people. But even when the wifi signal is strong, the prime minister has failed to read the virtual room and has often ploughed ahead with jokes and upbeat speeches while his colleagues stare disconsolately at their screens.

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