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Yes, the number of Covid cases in the UK is rising – but that is no cause for alarm | Matt Hancock

With vaccines preventing most serious illness and death, any talk of bringing back restrictions is pure scaremongering

Four months ago, the UK took the decision to end all remaining legal Covid-19 restrictions, becoming the first major country in the world to do so. While some said it was too soon and that it would lead to a surge in cases, hospitalisations and deaths, this has thankfully not been the case. Instead, we have replaced the protection from lockdowns with the protection from science in the power of vaccines.

Seeing and taking part in the incredible scenes around the UK to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee just over three weeks ago showed just how far we have come in living with this virus. But even though we can rely on vaccines to protect us from severe illness or death, a virus as transmissible as Covid will not be eradicated. I have consistently said that Covid “will always be around” and that we should “live with Covid as we do flu”.

Matt Hancock is the Conservative MP for West Suffolk, and former secretary of state for health and social care

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