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Zoom’s worst side-effect? Staring at yourself | Larry Ryan

Something about video calling hypnotises you into gazing at your own image. I can’t wait to shake the habit

In the time it takes me to close the 47 unread tabs on my browser, it will be coming up to a year since we were all forced to swap face-time for Zoom. That is, the pandemic brought an end to stuttering, overly long, in-person meetings, and gave us stuttering, overly long, video gatherings on Zoom. Or the GoogleMeetHangout. Also accidental WhatsApp group calls. And, for barely 15 seconds, Houseparty.

Throughout this year of video conferencing, I’ve spent a lot more time than I would care to staring at my own face. My awful, actually maybe not too bad, mainly just really, really average face.

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